Meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 7:30pm (except only 2nd Thursday in Nov. and Dec.)

Rabun Gap Masonic Lodge No. 265 - PO Box 1443, Clayton, GA USA 30525
Rabun Gap Masonic Lodge No. 265 - PO Box 1443, Clayton, GA USA 30525


Oklahoma Indian Degree Team
Unknown year.

2020 - WM Marty Talley and Cornelia WM OP Coward
Traveling Gavel being presented to Rabun Gap on March 9, 2020

2020 - Bright Hope Lodge #557 - Knoxville, TN
WB Jimmy Simpson and DDGM Larry Lynn travel to Knoxville TN to see WB Simpson's grandson, William Donaldson, receive his Entered Apprentice Degree

2020 - Officers - Marty Tally WM
Ron Leslie-SS, Scott Bleckley-SD, Joe Luke-JW, Marty Talley-WM, Jason Streetman-SW, Mac Bennett-JD, Jimmy Simpson-Chaolain, Chuck Arnold-JS, Steve Thurmond-Secretary

2019 - Clayton Tribune July 25
WB Vaughn Rogers shows his buck dancing talents

2019 - Sheriff Chad Nichols and Moises Gomez
Sheriff Nichols was one of ~100 present on July 11th to honor Rabun County public safety. RW Brother Moises Gomez, Grand Historian from the Grand Lodge of New Jersey was the guest speaker. Great presentation covering the fall of the World Trade Center on 9/11

2019 - Lodge Pin

2019 - 50 Year Awards to Harley Keener and Bill Southard

2019 Officers - Ray Mayer, WM
JS Logan Carnes, JD Scott Bleckley, SW Marty Talley, Treas Shanon Stewart, SD Jeff Hunter, WM Ray Mayer, SS Andy Beck, JW Jason Streetman, DDGM Larry Lynn, Secty Steve Thurmond, Chaplain Jimmy Simpson. Not pictured-Tyler Gary Crane

1981 - Bro Fred Galloway, Sr. - 50 Year Award
Bro. Fred Galloway, Sr. receives his 50 year Award from District Deputy George Poole - 1981. His son Fred Jr. was WM in 1973.

Rabun Sheriffs Brothers Luther Rickman and John Beck Dockins

2017 Officers - Jeff Hunter, WM
Front Row: Gary Leazer, Grand Master
Second Row: Gary Crane, Jr. Deacon; Marty Talley, Jr. Warden; Jeff Hunter, WM; Bill Brooks, Sr, Warden; Steve Thurman, Secty; Jimmy Simpson, Tyler
Ed Campbell, Dir of Work; Shanon Stewart, Treas; Vaughn Rogers, Sr. Deacon; Wayne Flowers, Sr. Stewart; Charles Mobley, Chaplain

September 2018 150th Celebration
Members present when the lodge was closed by Grand Master Gary Leazer.

September 2017 Officers with Grand Master
Front Row L-R: Gary Crane, Jr. Deacon; Marty Talley, Jr. Warden; Jeff Hunter, Worshipful Master, MWB Gary Leazer, Grand Master of Masons in Georgia; Bill Brooks, Sr. Warden; Steve Thurman, Secretary; Jimmy Simpson, Tyler.
Back Row L-R: Ed Campbell, Dir of Work; Shannon Stewart, Treasurer: Vaughn Rogers, Sr. Deacon; Wayne Flowers, Sr. Steward; Charles Mobley, Chaplain

150 Anniversary Commemerative Coin Prototype
Front - 1867-2017; trowel, 150 Years, Clayton, Georgia
Back - Lodge seal

2017 Adopt-A-Highway
Front Row L-R: Charles Mobley, Ron Leslie, Vaughn Rogers, Bill Brooks
Back Row L-R: Jason Streetman, Gary Crane, Knox Kell, Brett Jarrard, Doug Bleckley, Sam Beck

January 1977 Officers - Jimmy Hines, WM
Back Row - JB Parker, Sr., Sandy Lee, Jimmy Hines, Ellis Mason, Ernest Norton
Front Row - George Justus, Hoyt Dixon, Gene Mason, Geter Owens, Lee Williams

January 1997 Officers - Matt Beck, WM
Back Row - Doug Young, Mike Clark, Ed Campbell, Earl Cannon, Joe Luke
Front Row - Dennis Overholt, Billy Mincemoyer, Matt Back, Bill Brooks, DDGM Dennis Young

Members pose for picture about 1950
Please contact the webmaster if you can identify any of the four unknown persons in this photo.
Front Row - Roscoe Nicholson, Virgil Green, Charlie Wall, Jim Land, Luther Rickman, Ernest Norton, UNK, Tyra Queen
Back Row - Lamar Smith, Bob Singleton, John V. Arendale, Ed Wall, Bill Page, UNK, Fred Turpen, William Ussery, JC Dover, Lewis F Reeves, UNK, Julius Beck, Patton Queen

January 1996 Officers - Ed Campbell, WM
Back Row - Mike Clark, Danny Lovell, Roy Lovell, Dennis Overholt
Front Row - Scott Bleckley, Matt Beck, Ed Campbell, Earl Cannon, Bobby Dixon

Leading Lawmen - 2017
From the front page of the Clayton Tribune, January 2017. Brothers Shane Watts, Marty Talley, and Mark Jones

January 1965 Officers - Wilbur Maney, WM
L-R Hayes Rogers, Allen Taylor, Marley Cannon, HG Brown, Verlon Owens, Wilbur Maney, Albie Rogers, JB Parker Jr., Ernest Norton

January 1969 Officers - Harry G Brown, WM
Front Row L-R Fred Galloway, Horace Justus, Hoyt Dixon, Claude Smith
Back Row Doug Bleckley, JB Parker, Nathan Bleckley, Harry G Brown, Joe Jarrard, Albie Rogers, Ernest Norton

January 1968 Officers - Allen Taylor, WM
Front Row L-R Albie Rogers, Claude Smith, Joe Jarrard, Fred Galloway.
Back Row - Doug Bleckley, JB Parker, Hoyt Dixon, Nathan Bleckley, Allen Taylor, Harry G Brown, Ernest Norton

1970 Past Master's Apron Presentation
WB Ernest Norton presents WB Harry G Brown his Past Master's apron. January 1970

1958 Cornerstone Dedication
June 15, 1958. Rupert Bramlett, Edward Burrell, Ernest Norton, Grand Secty Daniel Locklin, Grand Master John Kaufman, and two unknown dignitaries.

Lithograph Scrolled Masonic Charts - The Master's Carpet
Found in the Lodge archives, these charts date to the 1855-1920 era and are known as a Master's Carpet. Scrolls such as these were produced in different sizes during the 19th century as teaching aides for the Worshipful Master and his lecturers within the Blue Lodge to instruct new candidates in the symbolism of Ancient Craft Masonry. It features all of the symbols, a few to wit: the Sun, Moon and Stars, Jacob's Ladder, King Solomon's Temple, Pillars of Jachin and Boaz, the All-Seeing Eye, the Square and Compasses, the Ark and Rainbow, Beehive, 47th Problem of Euclid, Winged Hour Glass, Sword Pointing to a Naked Heart and the many various other Working Tools. During the times that the many lectures of the degrees were explained to the initiates, the chart was taken off of the wall and rolled out on the floor of the Lodge room... hence the word carpet instead of chart became commonly used. These were created by John Sherer

2016 & 2013 Special Olympics - Rabun County High School
2016 Cooking Crew - Gary Crane, Joe Luke, Nathan Bleckley, Bill Brooks, Jeff Hunter, Larry Lynn, Jimmy Simpson

Masonic Eagle Awards - May 14, 2016
Representing the Grand Lodge of Georgia, DDGM Randy Coker presented seven Eagle Scouts the Masonic Eagle Scout Recognition. Pictured are DDGM Randy Coker, WM Joe Luke III, Scoutmasters Louis Lane & David Cross, Eagle Scouts Garrett T Lane, Marcus C Thompson, Dominic L Cross, V Will Rogers III, Trey T McFalls, Tristen J Terry, Bradley Pruitt.

January 2005 - Officers; Sam Beck, WM
Bob Hebb, Steward; Marty Hoglin, Deacon; Scotty Chugg, JW; Sam Beck, WM; Albert Beck, SW; Wayne Pailloz, Tyler; Earl Cannon,Chaplain; Bruce Sekeras, Treasurer, Ed Campbell, Secretary; ??

Blueprints from the 1930's
Three blueprints drawn in the 1930's when Rabun Gap Lodge was looking into building a replacement for the original Masonic Hall.

Old Masonic Hall
The property on which this building was built was deeded in 1870 by HW Cannon. This building was soon after constructed.

Masonic Home of Georgia - 1906 Postcard
Built as a home for aged Masons, it is now known as the Masonic Children's Home of Georgia, located in Macon.

1906 Charter of the Masons Annuity
The original charter from the Supreme Lodge of the Masons Annuity, Atlanta, GA. Assuming charter members Edward B Norton, Harlie H Welch, John A Reynolds, William S Long, Isaac N Foster, Jesse H Almond, Jesse C Dover

January 2016 Lodge room update
North wall Past Masters photos. East wall renovations.

Past Masters - 2000 to present
Photos of Past Masters dating from 2000 to present.
Joseph Chandler Luke III, Steven Robert Luster, Albert Lamar Beck, Samuel Robert Beck, Stephen Robert Thurmond, Preston Reeves Rogers, Vaughn Willis Rogers Jr, James Bryson Butts, Shanon Stewart.

Past Masters - 1976 - 1999
Photos of Past Masters dating from 1976 - 1999.
Joe Burch Jarrard, Douglas Jasper Bleckley, Fred Ray Gallaway, Horace Dean Justus, Jesse Coleman Jarrard, James Edward Hines, Carroll Sanford Lee Jr, Ellis Mason, Richard Augustus Godfrey, James Earl Cannon, William Rudolph Fountain, Richard Arthur Speed, Robert Tivis Dixon, Charles Mac Dickerson, Fredrick Paul Beck, Vaughn Willis Rogers, Danny Ray Lovell, Henry Michael Clark, William Martin Mincemoyer, Dennis Michael Overholt, Edgar Allen Campbell Jr, Matthew Martin, George Wayne Pailloz

Past Masters - 1951 to 1975
Photos of Past Masters dating from 1951 to 1975.
Hubert High Darnell, Edward Villa Page, RM Kinney, Jack P Green, William Enloe Turner, James Robert Key, Albie Rogers, Edward W Burrell, Hayes Rogers, Hugh White Kelly, James Rich Parker, Jasper Beecher Bleckley, Leon V Eller, Wilbur Olin Maney, Geter Verlon Owens, Clark Allen Taylor, Harry G Brown, Nathan Starling Bleckley

Past Masters - 1931 - 1950
Photos of Past Masters dating from 1931 to 1950.
WA Singleton, Clyde W Holden, Logan Ernest Logan, Lewis F Reeves, Edward Jeff Wall, Russell E Cannon, Roy Green, WR Brown, Joseph Benjamin Parker, John Alley Jarrard, Carl Monroe Vinson

Past Masters - 1867 to 1930
Photos of Past Masters dating from 1867 (charter) to 1930.
Dr. JC Dover, Joseph Thomas Davis, Grover Lafayette Bynum, Dr. James A Green, Tyra Queen, VA Green, Roscoe Conklin Nicholson, JJ Kimsey, Winfred S Bearden, Franklin Alexander Bleckley, William M Pickett, Moses W Swafford, David Terrell Duncan, Robert EA Hamby, WS Price, John W Green.

2015 Workday at the Masonic Children's Home - Macon, GA
May 2015. Jeff Hunter, Ron Leslie, Shanon Stewart, Larry Lynn

January 2015 Officers - Shanon Stewart, WM
Officers for the year were installed. Shanon Stewart, WM; Stephen Thurmond, SW; Jeff Hunter, JW; Ed Campbell, Secretary; Joe Luke III, Treasurer; Charles Mobley, Chaplain; Mike Mazarky, SD; Gary Crane, JD; Marty Talley, SS; Kyle Shook, JS and Danny Lovell, Tyler

Rabun County Cornerstones
Rabun County Health Dept 1990 - One of two existing cornerstones laid by the Grand Lodge of Georgia and Rabun Gap Lodge.

January 1994 - Officers; Billy Mincemoyer, WM
Danny Lovell, Treasurer; Matt Beck Senior Deacon; Bob Deal, Senior Steward; Doug Young, Junior Steward; Vaughn Rogers, Jr., Secretary; Mike Zellner, Tyler, Jim Harmon, Junior Deacon, Dennis Overholt, Senior Warden; Billy Mincemoyer, Worshipful Master; Ed Campbell, Junior Warden, William Wallis, Chaplain.

Original Masonic Hall 1870-1960
The two story building to the left of Cannon's is the original Masonic Hall. The lot was purchased from HW Cannon in 1870. Details of the construction and its cost can be found in the minutes. The building was demolished about 1958.

1959 Past Masters - Edward Burrell, WM
Honoring Past Masters on November 3, 1959...Reading from left, front row. Past Masters W.R. Brown, J.A. Jarrard, Dr. J.C. Dover, Edward Burrell, Carl Vinson, J.B. Parker, R.E. Cannon, Ernest Norton.
Second row - C.W. Holden, Albie Rogers, Turner Enloe, Worshipful Master Hayes Rogers, Roy Green, R.M. Kinney and Jack P. Green. Also present was WB Rupert H. Bramblett, First Grand Steward.

Misc Photos of the Lodge and Members

January 2014 - Officers, James Butts, WM
Officers for 2014 were installed.
Front Row L-R: Jeff Hunter, SD; Burl Parks, Chap; Shanon Stewart, SW; James Butts, WM; S Thurmond, JW; E Campbell, Secty; G Crane, JD

Feb 2014 Blood Drive
On February 4th, 49 units were collected between 2pm and 7pm at the Clayton United Methodist Family Life Center

Tallulah Chapter RAM Commemorative Coin
The Tallulah Chapter, RAM, was founded in 1892. While originally chartered in Tallulah Falls, the chapter moved to Clayton around 1900. It is unknown when these commemorative coins were struck.


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